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Low power gain blocks serve RF, wireless applications

Stephen Law   

Electronics Semiconductors amplifiers gain-slope semiconductors

CML MICROCIRCUITS CMX90G701 and CMX90G702 positive gain-slope amplifiers were developed using firm’s SµRF MMIC design capability. The general-purpose devices are suitable to a wide range of wireless applications operating in the 6 – 18GHz frequency range, including microwave backhaul, radar, satellite communications, 5G fixed wireless access (FWA) and VSAT. Devices can also be used to eliminate passive equalizers by compensating for system losses across their operating frequency range. Both devices are fabricated using GaAs pHEMT process technology to achieve an optimal combination of high linearity, low noise and low dc power consumption. CMX90G701 has +1dB positive gain-slope, while the CMX90G702 offers a +2dB gain-slope for applications requiring higher gain-slope compensation. Both devices deliver a small signal gain within the range of 9.5 – 11.5dB, a P1dB output rating of +10.0dBm, and a low noise figure of 3dB.

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