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Low-power 16-Bit MCUs optimized for IoT end-point designs

Stephen Law   

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RENESAS ELECTRONICS 16-bit general-purpose RL78/G23 microcontroller (MCU) is compatible with firm’s current general-purpose RL78 MCUs, such as the RL78/G13, the RL78/G23 increased the on-chip flash memory capacity to 768 KB and substantially expanded on-chip peripheral functions, which extend functionality while reducing the bill of materials (BOM) cost, while improving power consumption required by battery powered applications. With this feature combination, device is suitable for a wide range of applications that require both power and cost efficiency, including IoT endpoint devices such as home electronics, remote controls, and sensors. By adopting a new process, device realizes 44µA/MHz at CPU operation and 210nA during STOP (with 4KB of SRAM retention), an even lower power consumption compared to current RL78 MCUs. Product’s newly implemented SNOOZE mode sequencer (SMS) makes it unnecessary to activate the CPU while any peripheral operations are operating in snooze mode, dramatically reducing power consumption for applications that utilize intermittent operation.

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