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Low noise amplifier, phase shifter MMICs serve RF designs

CUSTOM MMIC  CMD270P3 C Band, 4-8 GHz low noise amplifier is housed in a leadless 3×3 mm plastic surface mount package. Device delivers greater than 16dB of gain with a corresponding output 1dB compression point of +18dBm and a noise figure of 1.7dB. Product is a 50 ohm matched design eliminating the need for external dc blocks and RF port matching.

CMD174 die is a GaAs MMIC 5-bit phase shifter that operates from 3 to 6GHz and provides 0 to 360 degrees of monotonic phase coverage, with a LSB of 11.25 degrees. Device is controlled with negative logic of 0 and -3 V and features an insertion loss of 7.6 dB and a phase error of ± 2 degrees.

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