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Liquid pressure-sensitive adhesives serve electronics

November 22, 2020  Stephen Law

DELOLiquid pressure-sensitive adhesives with different chemical bases are used for numerous bonding applications in the electronics industry. The acrylate-based adhesive PHOTOBOND PS4130 has very similar properties to typical adhesive tape in terms of flexibility, peel resistance and strength. With its damping properties and low outgassing values, product is suitable for adhesive applications with short cycle times and moderate requirements on final strength.

The epoxy-based adhesive KATIOBOND PS6372 was developed specifically for structural bonding applications requiring high strength. Once the initial strength has been achieved by pressing on the components, the assembly can be processed immediately, with the strength of the bonded joint increasing afterwards. When fully cured, PS6372 achieves compression shear strengths of over 30MPa on aluminum and over 10MPa on FR4. Product’s high resistance to temperature and media makes it suitable for automotive applications. 

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