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LED drivers with side-wettable flanks save up to 90% pcb space

October 13, 2020  Stephen Law

NEXPERIA DFN2020D-6 range of LED drivers come in space-saving DFN2020D-6 (SOT1118D) package. This case style features side-wettable flanks (SWF) which facilitate the use of AOI (automated optical inspection), and improve reliability. The leadless devices join firm’s wide range of LED drivers in leaded packages offering equivalent performance yet reducing pcb space by up to 90% compared to SOT223. With a footprint of 2x2mm and a low profile of 0.65mm, devices are available in NPN and PNP technology. Products provide an output current of up to 250mA (NCR32x types) and a maximum supply voltage of 75V. 

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