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Laser modules deliver high-peak optical power

OSI LASER DIODE LCW/SCW Series of high-power laser modules provide high-peak optical power (pulsed) up to 200mW@1000mA and continuous-wave (CW) optical power up to 75 mW to meet the demanding performance requirements of the optical test equipment market. Devices come in a variety of wavelength options including 1310 nm, 1490 nm, 1550 nm, 1625 nm, and 1650 nm.  Available in single-mode or multi-mode fiber options, the hermetically-sealed, laser-welded devices can include thermoelectric coolers (TECs) and temperature-sensing thermistors, plus back-facet monitors. The family of products is offered in several housings: 14-pin butterfly package, 14-pin dual, in-line (DIP) package, coaxial packaging, and standard TO56 cans. Custom packaging is also available. http://www.laserdiode.com

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