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JTAG boundary scan software streamlines user interface

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Electronics Engineering Software Test & Measurement boundary-scan JTAG software test

XJTAG Version 4.0 of JTAG boundary scan software suite brings speed increases both from streamlining the user interface and from increasing throughput of the JTAG chains under test. This new version is all about improving speed and efficiency both for the engineers setting up projects and the production line operator running tests. Product delivers improved multi-TAP performance provided by Optimised Scans. Multi-TAP refers to the XJLink2 controller’s long-standing ability to operate multiple JTAG chains concurrently, in order to run a test across the whole circuit. In XJTAG 4.0, different chains can now be run at different clock speeds, allowing each scan to be loaded more efficiently by ensuring that a slow chain doesn’t limit the data transfer of a faster one. Whilst the devices on the separate chains will still execute each test step in sync, transferring data through the chains is now optimised, improving test times significantly.

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