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Joysticks control X, Y, Z axes of 1-2-3 axis stages, actuators

November 19, 2021  Stephen Law

OPTIMAL ENGINEERING SYSTEMS JMC-1, JMC-2, and JMC-3 Series of joysticks for 1, 2 and 3 axis Stages and Actuators are easy to use, single-handed, ergonomic joysticks that provide proportional control of the X, Y, and Z axis of from one to three actuators.  Low, medium, and high speed ranges are button selectable. Axis speeds are controlled by the tilt angle of the handle and the angle of rotation of the knob. The maximum speeds may be set by the user via the supplied, easy to use GUI. Product series includes -01 series for Step and Direction Signal outputs, -02 series for Quadrature Signal outputs, -03 series for PWM and Direction Signal outputs, and series for -04 a USB interface.

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