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Integrated POL dc-dc regulators deliver fast COT engine

Stephen Law   

Electronics Power Supply / Management Semiconductors Buck regulator power semiconductor

TDA38640 OptiMOS IPOL single-voltage synchronous buck regulator  supports up to 40A output current. Device comes with Intel SVID and I²C/PMBus digital interfaces and can be used for Intel VR12, VR12.5, VR13, VR14, IMPVP8 designs and DDR memory without significant changes to the bill of materials (BOM). TDA38740 and TDA38725 digital IPOL buck regulators support up to 40A and 25A output current, respectively and come with a PMBus interface. All three new devices use firm’s proprietary fast constant on time (COT) PWM engine to deliver industry-leading transient performance while simplifying the design development. The onboard PWM controller and OptiMOS FETs with integrated bootstrap diode make these new devices a small footprint solution with highly-efficient power delivery.

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