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Integrated fan extends temperature range of Strato Pi & Iono Pi modules

February 24, 2021  Stephen Law

SFERA LABS – Raspberry Pi Model B DIN-rail modules now provide internal active cooling with integrated Strato Pi Fan, included as an extra option to improve the thermal management. Unit will support applications where there are elevated temperature levels to contend with. Strato Pi Fan is a high-performance temperature-controlled fan with compact dimensions and a low profile. It can be factory installed into all of the following modules before shipment – Strato Pi Base, Strato Pi UPS and Strato Pi CAN, plus the Iono Pi and the Pi Touch Display units. Fan is mounted directly above the Raspberry Pi CPU to allow optimal heat dissipation. Fan speed is 9100 RPM and is capable of delivering 4.9 cubic feet per minute (CFM) of airflow. The noise level is only 23.6dBA. Product’s embedded temperature sensor and fan controller operates independently of the Raspberry Pi operating system and the CPU’s own dedicated temperature sensor. All that is needed is for the temperature thresholds to be set, which is done via the I2C interface, then it is ready to run.

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