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Infrared LEDs communicate between distributed luminaires

OSRAM OPTO Oslon SFH 4725S line of high power infrared LEDs enable lighting installations to act with swarm-like intelligence. The infrared (IR) devices provide enough optical power to ensure communication for all possible setups. Device is based on stack technology to provide one chip with two emission centers, thereby doubling its output. Driven at 1 Ampere, device yields 990 milliwatts of optical power. Its narrow emission angle of ±45° results in a radiant intensity of 425mW/sr. The emitted light has a wavelength of 940 nanometers, which is completely invisible to human eyes but a perfect match for the spectral sensitivity of silicon photodetectors. Device provides short rise and fall times of 10 and 15 nanoseconds, respectively, permiting modulated light signals. http://www.osram-os.com

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