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Image sensor delivers best-in-class dynamic range

Stephen Law   

Electronics Optoelectronics CMOS image opto Sensor

ON SEMI AR0821CS 1/1.7-inch 8.3 MP CMOS digital image sensor with rolling shutter and embedded High Dynamic Range (eHDR) technology meets the diverse needs of commercial, consumer and industrial applications by providing improved image quality in challenging lighting conditions. Device delivers 4K video with 8.3MP resolution at 60fps while consuming very low power. Product includes firm’s exclusive 2.1µm DR−Pix backside illuminated (BSI) pixel design, which enables high quantum efficiency, as well as on-chip HDR (eHDR) technology that delivers best-in-class dynamic range in excess of 140dB. The high quality image data minimizes processing needs, resulting in a faster and more cost effective camera system.

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