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Hollow core linear voice coil servo motor features high force-to-size ratio

Stephen Law   

Electronics coil hollow linear motor voice

MOTICONT HVCM-051-032-013-01 Linear Voice Coil Motor features a high force-to-size ratio and a 19.1mm (0.75in.) stroke.  A low inertia, high acceleration/deceleration, high speed, clean and quiet, non-commutated, hollow core brushless servo motor, product is suitable for applications such as: testing, optical focusing, positioning, laser beam steering, laser drilling, cutting and machining, medical diagnostic equipment, scanning, wafer handling, dynamic vibration absorption, sorting, and assembly applications. A true dc servo motor, device may be used to achieve resolutions of less than 1 micron when used in closed loop servo applications, and has smooth, zero cogging and zero backlash when connected directly to a load. Additionally, this voice coil or moving coil actuator has a high force to size ratio of 28.2 N (6.3 lb.) of continuous force and a peak force of 89.9 N (20 lb.) at a 10% duty cycle.

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