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High-temp infrared LED delivers wide angle of emission

August 24, 2020  Stephen Law

OPTO-DIODE OD-110WISOLHT high-temperature, wide-angle infrared light-emitting diode (IRLED) is specially designed for high-temperature applications, such as covert exterior aircraft lighting. Device features a peak emission wavelength of 880nm and total power output ranging from 60mW (minimum) up to 120mW (typical). With a spectral bandwidth of 55nm (typical), the new IRLED has a half intensity beam angle of 110 degrees and is conveniently packaged in a 2-lead TO-39 can with an isolated case. Forward voltage is 1.75 volts (typical) to 2 volts (maximum); reverse breakdown voltage ranges from a minimum of 5 volts to 30 volts (typical). The rise and fall times for the high-temperature wide angle IRLED is 20 nanoseconds, respectively. 

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