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High-speed InGaAs photodiodes come with pigtail packages

Stephen Law   

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OSI OPTOELECTRONICS Infrared-sensitive, pigtail-packaged high-speed InGaAs photodiodes with active areas of 75µm and 120µm. The single/multi-mode fiber is optically aligned to either a hermetically sealed InGaAs diode in a TO-46 cap package (which enhances the coupling efficiency and stability) or can be directly connected to the InGaAs diode mounted on a ceramic substrate. With high responsivity from 900nm to 1700nm, low capacitance, and low back reflection, product family is available in a variety of configurations with different terminations and different fibers (single- and multi-mode). Suitable for high-speed optical communications including high-bit-rate receivers used in LAN, MAN, and WAN, the FCI-InGaAs detectors are also utilized in critical medical applications such as laser-assisted surgeries for ophthalmology.

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