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High purity tin derived from secondary material

Stephen Law   

Electronics Production / Materials Supply Chain materials production

FEINHUTTE HALSBRUCKE GreenTin+ is obtained entirely from recycled materials and has a purity level of up to 99.99%. Firm specializes in the re-processing of processed residues that arise in the customer process, recycling dross, ashes, runners, sludges, chips or solder pastes back into the value-added process. Using an energy-saving full recycling process, firm recovers high-purity tin or electrolytically purified alloy in all formats in pyro- and hydrometallurgical plants. The recycled tin remains independant from international supply chains. The sustainable recycling of tin significantly reduces the energy input, while the process reduces exploitation in the mining sector and the processing and smelting of ores to a minimum. GreenTin+ is available as wire, ingot, bar, bulk or similar. The recycled metal, which is significantly above the general market standard in terms of quality, is suitable for the manufacture of extremely high-quality products, such as those required in electronics manufacturing for consumer goods electronics.

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