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High-power digital amplifiers speed transportation design test

Stephen Law   

Electronics Test & Measurement amplifiers amplifiers digital digital high power high power test test

ACA TMETRIX AE Techron 8500-series wide-bandwidth, high-power digital amplifiers are fast enough for dc automotive dropout testing and capable of ac voltages required for ISO 61000 and aviation testing. Units provide low enough noise and distortion specifications to be the reference power source in power quality measurements. Products are capable of reproducing ac, dc and ac+dc waveforms into loads from a dead short to high impedance. Units can be used to simulate a battery at 13.5Vdc or be an ac source with a L-N potential of up to 250Vac. Rated current, for a given voltage, is available for all waveform types (ac, dc or ac+dc) at frequencies from dc to 50kHz. Voltages from 0 to 250VRMS are available with no changes in configuration. 

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