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High performance resins seal, protect automotive electronics

Stephen Law   

Production / Materials Contract Manufacturing

HENKEL Technomelt low-pressure moldable hot-melt polyamides for encapsulation of plugs, sockets, sensors. Resin is injected around components fixed in a closed mold. The hot-melt serves as an encapsulant and also as a housing, so there is no need for a separate shell to protect the components. Once the hot-melt material has cooled and solidified, the components are ready for further processing. Resins for hot-melt molding are single-component polyamide systems that can be used in simple and clean production processes. These processes take up little floor space, they are fast and energy-efficient. Materials provide high humidity resistance, temperature resistance up to 150°C, and impact resistance down to -50°C. http://www.henkel.com



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