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High current SMD shunt ranges to 0.5 to 5 milliohm

Stephen Law   

Circuit Protection Electronics current shunt current shunt element four four terminal raised raised element Terminal

STACKPOLE HCSK2725 raised element four terminal current shunt is available in resistance values from 0.5 milliohm to 5 milliohm. The four terminal design ensures accurate sensing by eliminating lead resistance and the 50 ppm TCR ensures stable sensing under a wide range of temperatures and power loading. Device’s power rating ranges from 2W for the 5 milliohm value to 5W for the 0.5 milliohm to 2 milliohm range. The all metal SMD device delivers improved stability during overloads and environmental stress and the raised element provides lower PCB temperatures at high power. Product is available in both 5% and 1% tolerances, and in tape and reel packaging.


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