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High current jumpers out-perform thick film jumpers

Stephen Law   

Electronics high-current jumpers

STACKPOLE HCJ Series high current jumpers can handle up to 70.7A with overload current ratings of up to 158A. This allows devices to be used for a wider range of jumper current requirements and will be less sensitive to surge current events. The maximum current rating for thick film general purpose jumpers is only 3 amps and high current thick film jumpers typically will only handle up to 10 amps. Products are AEC-Q200 qualified and RoHS compliant without exemption. Applications include switching power supplies, VR modules, dc-dc converters in power adapters, battery packs, and chargers, and a wide range power and battery management implementations. Sizes, 0201, 0402, 0805, 1206, and 2512 are currently in stock.

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