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Heat-curing epoxy resin encapsulant is high-temperature-resistant

March 5, 2019  Stephen Law

DELO MONOPOX GE6515 one-component, purely heat-curing epoxy resin encapsulant achieves very high strength, even at high temperatures. Product exhibits strength values of 20MPa on aluminum at a temperature of 150°C and 14MPa in the upper service temperature range of 200°C. Product provides very high resistance to media and temperature thanks to an optimized curing time, while it also accelerates production processes. Developed especially for encapsulating electronic components, product improves adhesion on materials such as FR4, FA, & copper, and is highly resistant to chemicals such as oils, acids, or fuels. Product has a coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) matching that of materials commonly used in the automotive industry. The CTE is 23ppm/K up to the glass transition temperature (Tg) of 155°C and 48ppm/K above Tg.

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