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HD oscilloscopes capture every detail

May 25, 2018  Stephen Law

TELEDYNE LECROY WavePro HD high-definition oscilloscopes combines HD4096 12-bit technology and 8GHz bandwidth for low noise and pristine signal fidelity. With a maximum of 5Gpoints of fast, responsive and easily navigable acquisition memory, product acquires fine waveform details over long periods of time. A deep, powerful toolset quickly exposes underlying system behaviors. Units support engineers in developing smaller, faster, and lower-power mobile and handheld devices; high-speed, deeply-embedded computing systems; and datacenter technologies. Units are characterized by analog sensor inputs, sensitive power-distribution networks (PDNs) with very low-voltage power rails and high-speed CPUs and serial-data interfaces. Products provide a large 15.6”, 1900 x 1080-pixel capacitive touch screen and firm’s powerful MAUI with OneTouch user interface for intuitive, efficient operation.

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