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Handheld accelerometer, tachometer simulates signal output

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MEGGITT SENSING SYSTEMS Endevco model 4830A handheld, lightweight battery-operated electronic instrument simulates a variety of transducer outputs and provides a convenient and portable means of verifying instrumentation settings and cable integrity. Available output signals include single-ended and differential charge (pC), single-ended voltage (mV) and current-sinking ISOTRON (IEPE). The further inclusion of a tachometer (TTL) output signal makes the unit a convenient and portable means of on-site instrumentation testing and servicing. Simulated outputs are available in either English or Metric units over an available frequency range of 1 Hz to 10 KHz, with an adjustable output amplitude of up to 10,000 pC or mV pk and with overall noise of <2 mV or 2 pC rms.



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