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GaN power IC packages enhance thermal performance

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CAMBRIDGE GAN DEVICES ICeGaN family of GaN power ICs provide enhanced thermal performance and simplify inspection.  Variants of the well-proven DFN style, both packages are extremely rugged and reliable. Model DHDFN-9-1 (Dual Heat-spreader DFN) is a thin, dual-side cooled package with a small, 10x10mm footprint and wettable flanks to simplify optical inspection. Device provides low thermal resistance (Rth(JC), and can be operated with bottom-side, top-side and dual-side cooling, delivering flexibility in design and out-performing the often-used TOLT package in top-side and especially, dual-side cooled configurations. The DHDFN-9-1 package has been designed with dual-gate pinout to facilitate optimal PCB layout and simple paralleling, enabling customers to address applications up to 6 kW with ease.

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