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GaAs quadrant pin receiver boosts bandwidth, lessens noise

July 21, 2021  Stephen Law

CMC ELECTRONICS COTS 3mm InGaAs quadrant pin receiver accurately detects wide optical signal levels and to operates in harsh and varied environments. Device also has a large active area with 4 transimpedance amplifiers (TIAs) in a compact hermetic package. Product is well suited for laser spot tracking, laser alignment, guidance, free space optical communication, position sensing and laser range finding where high dynamic range and sensitivity are key. Module includes a standard ambient light rejection circuit, thus eliminating unwanted background light signals. It can detect optical signals at both 1064nm and 1570nm supporting eye-safe applications. Multiple features such as single or multi-stage automatic gain control (AGC) provide high-dynamic range, as well as elective input filtering facilitating low cross-talk are also offered to enable higher detection accuracy.

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