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Fuse protected varistors fit existing pcb layouts

Stephen Law   

Circuit Protection Electronics Supply Chain fuse ThermoFuse ThermoFuse varistor varistors

TDK EPCOS ThermoFuse NT14 and NT20 series fuse protected varistors are compact, providing a footprint that fits into existing circuit board layouts. NT14 series (disk diameter 14mm) absorbs maximum surge currents with an 8/20-μs pulse of 6kA at rated voltages of between 130VRMS and 680VRMS. NT20 series (disk diameter 20mm) has a surge current capability with an 8/20-μs pulse of 10kA at rated voltages of between 130VRMS and 750VRMS. Both series offer a maximum energy absorption of up to 220 J and 480 J for 2ms, respectively. All products are available in 2-leaded and 3-leaded types, with the third lead used to monitor whether the fuse has been activated.


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