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Front end solutions improve 5G network

Stephen Law   

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NXP BTS7202 RX Front End Modules (FEMs) and BTS6403/ 6305 pre-drivers offer higher output power, going up to 20W per channel – improve linearity and reduce noise to help improve 5G call quality and internet speed. Developed and implemented in firm’s silicon germanium (SiGe) process, devices operate with modest current consumption to reduce operational costs for mobile network operators (MNOs). Devices improve linearity and reduced noise figure to support better 5G signal quality. Products offer a comprehensive and easily implemented solution for 5G base stations, complementing firm’s power amplifier solutions for 32T32R radios. FEMs feature a switch capable of handling up to 20W of power leaking from transmit line-ups, reducing system complexity. The BTS6305 Pre-Drivers also integrate a balun to reduce costs.

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