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FPGA-driven 10GigE smart cameras permit custom programming

December 13, 2020  Stephen Law

MIKROTRON EoSens Creation Series of FPGA programmable-ready smart cameras enable engineers to embed a custom IP into a 2-megapixel 10GigE GenICam camera equipped with a XiLINX Kintex Ultrascale FPGA and an additional on-board 2GB DDRD of memory for edge functions such as defect pixel correction, gamma correction, dynamic range correction, and noise reduction. Unit empowers machine vision engineers to achieve accelerated performance at a fraction of the cost of traditional customized solutions. Product provides sensitivity of 20V/Lux @ 550nm to achieve high-contrast, detailed images in low light environments. In addition, the camera’s SFP+ connection works with both copper and fiber interfaces, making it possible to install long cable runs using low-cost Ethernet cabling, switches and network interfaces. 

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