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Fluxing agents are alcohol and water-based

April 26, 2019  Stephen Law

EMIL OTTO EO-Y-005 and -006 alcohol and water-based hybrid fluxes come with an alcohol content. Due to the water-based formula, the soldering results are improved and the circuit board is very clean following application of the fluxing agent. Both products are suitable for use on Organic Solderability Preservative (OSP) circuit boards. Fluxes were developed for use during wave and selective soldering. Products can also be used both for manual- and repair soldering, as well as dip soldering. Soldering properties are improved, in particular during step-through and the wetting of the circuit board. The entire EO-Y-005 series has a very low alcohol content of merely 7 %. EO-Y-006 has a solid content of 4% as well as an alcohol content of 60%.

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