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Flexible end termination ink is production friendly

Stephen Law   

Electronics Production / Materials HERAEUS ink materials production termination

HERAEUS ELECTRONICS ET2010 Flexible End Termination Ink utilizes advanced polymer technology. When compared to current thermoset, epoxy-based inks in the market the production friendly, flexible passive component termination solution delivers easier shipping, storage, and handling at room temperatures.  Product provides improvements in reliability, as well as a production friendly solution to the industry standard epoxy materials. Shelf life, shipping, storage, paste utilization, and scrap savings on silver are all improved compared to current materials. The easy-to-use, reworkable ink offers room temperature stability for six months, a significant benefit compared to epoxy-based pastes that need to be frozen or refrigerated. The optimized chemistry is composed of high temperature thermoplastic instead of thermoset (epoxy) – making it more tolerant to thermal cycling and offering enhanced flexibility. The product does not require ice packs/dry ice, which translates to lower shipping costs, a low scrap rate (Ag savings), as well as eliminating costly storage. Additionally, its low silver (Ag) content – approximately 5-10% lower Ag content – provides significant savings given today’s Ag market pricing.

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