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Extended visible InGaAs detectors are position-sensitive

Stephen Law   

Optoelectronics Semiconductors optoelectronics semiconductor sensors

APX-PSD-XVInG-3.1 high-sensitivity, high-accuracy, 2mm diameter Position-Sensing Detector (PSD) provides spectral response from the visible out to the near and short-wave infrared (NIR-SWIR) wavelengths. The low noise PSD delivers sensitivity from 400nm to 1700nm and high-position detection accuracy. The 400-1700nm PSD features 2kΩ inter-electrode resistance, high shunt resistance, low capacitance and 20µm position detection error. The sensitive PSDs are conveniently housed in a hermetically sealed TO-5 package or a 5mm by 3.6mm surface mount ceramic package with an anti-reflective window, making them suitable for integration into a variety of systems.

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