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Evaluation boards provide designer with DIY build process

SCHURTER DKIH-EVB Evaluation Board is a printed circuit board (pcb) that provides the end-user with a DIY build process to achieve a suitable EMC filter, specific to the suppression requirements of their unique application. 

Board assists electronic designers in complying with international EMC guidelines, regarding emission and immunity. Problems, which mostly arise in the power section, and which often vary in nature, may not be best mitigated using a standard off-the-shelf filter. Due to the high integration of components used to achieve the most compact system design, thermal problems can arise. The resulting EMC interference can affect adjacent components due to the lack of spatial separation. A compact filter with discrete components, configured on the pcb, is likely the best solution. A current-compensated choke with capacitors is therefore the most efficient approach to EMC suppression.

With high L and C values, the vast majority of electro-magnetic disturbances can be adequately attenuated. The art of filter design, however, lies in finding an effective and at the same time cost-optimized combination of components. Often, slightly smaller L and C values are sufficient if these are accurately combined. These test circuit boards provide such a testing ground. Units are for 1- or 3-phase systems up to 50 Amperes and accept firm’s current-compensating chokes DKIH-1 and DKIH-3, which can be set up and tested easily and quickly in an iterative process without having to make any adjustments to the layout of your own pcb.


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