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Energy dense, low-profile capacitors are 5,000 hour-rated

Stephen Law   

Electronics capacitors capacitors

CORNELL DUBILIER ELECTRONICS THA and THAS Series Thinpack capacitors provide a rated life of 5,000 hours, a 66% increase over the first-generation devices. The 85°C devices are 8.2mm thick and 9mm for the 105°C THAS Series. While of similar height to V-chip electrolytics, tantalums, and board-mounted axials, THA and THAS provide higher bulk-storage capability. Devices are thinner and more cost-effective than most alternative technologies. Unlike traditional cylindrical electrolytics, devices have sealed, laser-welded aluminum cases to eliminate the need for space-wasting end seal gaskets. Compared to cylindricals, flat devices are up to 60% smaller by volume. The design includes a valve to vent hydrogen gas buildups that may otherwise cause pressure-related swelling. Devices add a 0.38mm form-fitting stainless-steel sleeve to further prevent potential swelling at the highest temperatures. 

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