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Energy condition monitoring solution operates end-to-end

Stephen Law   

Automation / Robotics Electronics Engineering Supply Chain energy energy monitor

WEIDMULLER Energy Logger D550, Energy Analysers Series and the Energy Meters Series, all fully integrated with firm’s ecoExplorer software for visualization, analysis, and remote access and operation. Compact Energy Logger D550 simplifies and accelerates the collection and transmission of consumption and process data.

Energy Analysers provide power quality measurements down to the machine level, including measurements of consumption, harmonics, frequencies and short-term 230Vac supply interruptions.

Energy Meters provide detailed measurement of energy consumption for production facilities. Some units have an integrated display for immediate access to the data that includes voltage, current, power and energy demand.

ecoExplorer and ecoExplorer go energy monitoring software provides simple and convenient device configuration and real-time monitoring.




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