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Encapsulant delivers warpage control, fine filling capability

October 5, 2020  Stephen Law

HENKEL Loctite EccoBond LCM 1000AF encapsulation material leverages a anhydride-free resin platform to enable thorough protection, improved warpage control and fine gap filling for fan-in and fan-out wafer-level packages (FI WLPs, FO WLPs). REACH-compliant product has shown effective reliability-enhancing performance in internal evaluations of several wafer-level packaging configurations including FI WLPs, embedded wafer-level ball grid arrays (eWLBs), FO WLPs, and chip-on-wafer (CoW) encapsulation. Solvent-free encapsulant integrates fine particle fillers (average 3μm, upper cut 10μm), enabling high-yield, ultra-low warpage, excellent flow properties for void-free fine-dimension filling, and fast in-mold cure times for improved UPH. 

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