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EMI noise absorbing materials control interference

Stephen Law   

Circuit Protection Electronics Production / Materials Wireless Engineering Supply Chain RF interference

ARC TECHNOLOGIES Hot Melt and Wave-X absorbers control noise and interference for the RF/microwave industry, as well as testing capabilities. Products are supplied in 6” hot melt sticks, with a 7/16” diameter that fits standard hot melt and hot glue guns. Flexible sheets can be used to reduce EMI and crosstalk in near-field applications and suppress noise circuits in RFID and other wireless applications. EMI noise absorbing materials coat flexible coaxial cables to reduce noise without reducing cable flexibility. Wave-X WT materials blend thermoplastics with conductive fillers to form noise-reducing sheets or custom shapes. Shapes can be formed according to a customer’s requirements to fit over a noise component for effective EMI suppression.  http://www.arc-tech.com



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