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Electrochromic displays serve flexible design applications

Stephen Law   

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YNVISIBLE Electrochromic displays can fulfil all the basic functionalities of such display options as LCD, LED, and E-ink. Product’s flexibility and low power consumption makes them a suitable alternative for existing technologies, but also enables a whole new range of applications for visual interfaces. Devices are ultra-energy efficient, as one coin cell battery can power an electrochromic display for as long as 50-years. Product’s low voltage and current requirements also allow for easy integration with a broad range of power sources and drivers, such as printed batteries, organic photovoltaics and wireless charging. The displays operate in the microwatt power regime and require as little as 1.5V to 3V operating voltage.

The flexible, printable displays with high impact visual contrast are suitable for use in smart labels, consumer electronics, logistics monitoring, medical devices, smart cards, and retail and point of service applications. These products have already been implemented in the automotive and aviation industries.

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