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Eighth brick dc-dc delivers 240W from wide input range

Stephen Law   

Power Supply / Management converter dc-dc eighth-brick isolated power

FLEX POWER MODULES PKB5213D isolated eighth-brick dc-dc converter features a wide 18-60 V input range to include 24V and 48V nominal inputs and a fully regulated 12V output rated at 20A/240W. Device’s Isolation is 2250Vdc input to output, and is safety-rated according to IEC/EN/UL 62368-1. Suitable for power-dense applications in challenging environments such as robotics for example, the thermally-optimized device achieves 94.6% efficiency at 24V input and 50% load, and has an MTBF figure of 10.6 million hours at 40°C, according to Telcordia SR-332. Maximum hot-spot operating temperature is 125°C. An optional baseplate is offered for conduction cooled applications.

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