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Dual antenna GPS/GNSS module targets automated machines, robots

Stephen Law   

Electronics Wireless antenna GNSS module wireless

SEPTENTRIO mosaic-H heading receiver joins firm’s GNSS module portfolio with dual antenna capabilities. The surface mount module delivers reliable heading & pitch or heading & roll information on top of centimeter-level positioning. Adding a second antenna input into the single form factor sets a new performance standard among high precision GNSS modules. Product’s ultra-small dimensions and low power consumption make it suitable for navigation and control solution for robotics, UAVs and autonomous applications which require ultra-robust and secure positioning and heading. Unit delivers orientation angles immediately from the start, helping initialize inertial systems which otherwise would require movement before they can measure 3D orientation. INS initialization with GNSS attitude from power-up allows machine trajectory path optimization and fully informed navigation of robotic systems immediately from mission start. 

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