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Drum core inductors boost energy, lower DCR

June 27, 2017  Stephen Law

PREMIER MAGNETICS PM-R Series high-performance drum core inductors for EMI filtering and switch mode power supply applications. Available in two dozen models with inductance values from 100 to 10,000 µH, devices provide low dc resistance (DCR), providing low temperature rise at high peak currents. Avaiable in two series, PM-R2 (7.5 mm, dia. x 10.0 high, max) and PM-R3 (9.5 mm, dia. x 11.5 high, max), each provides a range of 100µH to 10mH. Both series are available with sleeving (+125°C); and without sleeving (+155°C). Standard operating temperature range is -40C to 130C, with higher temperatures available. http://www.premiermag.com

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