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Driver monitoring system ASIC equipped with integrated AI neural processing

January 15, 2021  Stephen Law

OMNIVISION OAX8000 AI-enabled, automotive application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) is optimized for entry-level, stand-alone driver monitoring systems (DMS). Device uses a stacked-die architecture to provide the industry’s only DMS processor with on-chip DDR3 SDRAM memory (1GB). Dedicated DMS processor integrates a neural processing unit (NPU) and image signal processor (ISP), which provides dedicated processing speeds up to 1.1 trillion operations per second for eye gaze and eye tracking algorithms. These fast processing speeds with 1K MAC of convolutional neural network (CNN) acceleration, along with integrated SDRAM, enable the lowest power consumption available for DMS systems. Ssensor consumes 1 watt in typical conditions, combined. Further optimizing DMS systems, this integration also reduces the board area for the engine control unit (ECU).

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