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Disposable thin-film battery provides a compact, flexible solution

August 20, 2021  Stephen Law

MOLEX disposable thin-film batteries are zinc-carbon primary cells (Zn anode/MnO2 cathode) that nominally deliver either 1.5 or 3.0 volts. Typical applications include single-use or disposable sensing and monitoring devices where lightweight, thin form factor and flexibility are desired. The vertical construction reduces the footprint compared to other printed batteries and leads to lower internal resistance and improved performance. These thin-film batteries can be applied in a curved surface with a bend radius of 25 mm or greater. The 1.5 V and 3 V batteries support design flexibility and reduce the distance between anode and cathode. Devices operate at a temperature range of -35C to +50C. Solution is made with non-hazardous materials and is designed for low-power single-use applications such as wearable electronics, biometric monitoring devices, biosensors, smart labels and environmental sensors.

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