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Direct conversion dc-dc converter serves data centers

Stephen Law   

Electronics Power Supply / Management centres Cloud data power

FLEX POWER MODULES BMR482 second generation direct conversion isolated dc-dc converter operates directly from a 48V supply to the load voltage without an intermediate stage. Unit delivers increased efficiency in a compact package, enabling it to meet the higher power needs of today’s data centers and cloud computing. Product can achieve up to 91.3% efficiency with a 0.8V output at 53 Vin, which is 2 to 3% better than an equivalent solution based on an intermediate bus converter (IBC) and point of load (PoL). The single-stage device also requires up to 50% less board space than a conventional two-stage solution, helping reduce overall costs. Available as a ‘main unit’, product measures 30 x 12.7 x 16.8mm, which includes a digital interface for monitoring, configuration and control, and can deliver a maximum output current of 110A.

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