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DIN rail power supply delivers narrow 84mm width, long field life

TDK-LAMBDA DRB480-48-1 ac-dc DIN Rail mount power supply provides an efficiency of up to 93%, waste heat has been reduced, allowing the use of a compact enclosure size featuring a power density of 6 Watts per inch3. Device has an operating input range of 90 to 264Vac and can deliver 48V at 10A. The output can be adjusted from 48 to 52.8V to offset voltage drops in cabling or where OR-ing diodes/FETs are used in a redundant configuration. A dc Okay relay and a front panel LED provides output status. The convection cooled unit can operate in ambient temperatures of -20 to +70oC (with a cold start at -40 oC), with linear derating above 50 oC to 62.5% load at 70oC.  The design of the product ensures that electrolytic capacitor temperature rises are minimized, providing a 7-year life when operating 24 hours a day in a 40oC ambient at 230Vac input, 75% load.

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