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Digital quarter-brick dc-dc delivers power rating to 1700W peak

Stephen Law   

Electronics Power Supply / Management power

FLEX POWER MODULES BMR350 x250/531 non-isolated quarter-brick dc-dc bus converter provides increased continuous power rating from 860W to 1300W, with a peak power capability of 1700 W. Product maintains footprint of 58.4mm x 36.8mm and height of 12mm, and delivers an input range of 40-60Vdc (80 V/100ms). Output is set at nominal 12.12Vdc, now rated at 108A continuous (170A peak) and is adjustable from 8V to 13.2V. The increased rating is enabled by an additional bottom side cooling plate along with doubling up of output connector pins. Derating for the product is characterized by the firm’s 3D thermal data graphs, which specify available output power for given real-world pin and baseplate temperatures. This enables maximum power to be extracted without stress to the converter.

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