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Digital eighth-brick dc-dc converters deliver up to 1100 W power capability

Stephen Law   

Electronics Power Supply / Management converters dc-dc digital eighth-brick power

FLEX POWER MODULES BMR492 series of digital eighth-brick intermediate bus converters capable of delivering between 600 to 800W of continuous power along with a peak power of up to 1100 W for short periods <1s. Product’s ‘burst mode’ operation is commonly required for CPUs (such as Intel’s Ice Lake processor for example) for datacom and data center applications.

BMR4920302/861 converter, the first of three variants of the BMR492 family, delivers a 12V output and is rated to a maximum 600W output over an input voltage range of between 40-60V. The dc-dc step-down solution is suitable for nominal 48 or 54V input voltage systems commonly found in data center server applications. The through-hole mounted device is fully regulated and includes an input to isolation voltage of 1500Vdc. Device delivers efficient operation evidenced by a peak efficiency of 96.7% at 48 Vin at half load. The output voltage is pre-programmed at 12V as standard, but can be adjusted across a wide range of 8 to 13.2V via the incorporated PMBus interface.

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