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Dev-kit tool evaluates piezo haptics

Stephen Law   

Electronics dev kit haptics piezo

BOREAS TECHNOLOGIES BOS1901-Kit is designed to support your development process and evaluate piezo haptics. Kit combines two BOS1901 high-voltage piezoelectric drivers compatible with a wide range of piezo actuators. The BOS1901, with CapDrive technology has the lowest power consumption, lowest latency and smallest footprint on the market. It is also the first single-IC solution able to both sense and drive piezoelectric actuators with a voltage up to 190 Vpp; making it easy to implement interactive haptic experience for applications such as button replacement. The standard USB audio protocol implemented on the BOS1901-Kit makes it appear as a normal audio output to any computer, thus simplifying greatly waveform prototyping and playback on the kit. The two channels also ease the prototyping of localized or more complex haptic solutions.

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