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Desktop software provides advanced pdf scraping capabilities

July 27, 2017  Stephen Law

EMA DESIGN AUTOMATION Ultra Librarian desktop software version 8.2 and an expanded library provides designers access to symbols, footprints and 3D models for more than 12-million parts. This version uses techniques to extract datasheet information into the part building process.  Users can load the datasheet into the Ultra Librarian desktop software, extract the information they need to create the part, and copy it directly into the software.  One such function allows a user to select a pin list table from the PDF and copy the contents into the symbol creation software.  Another allows overlaying the datasheet image of a footprint on top of the software created footprint as an added quality assurance step.  These types of copy/paste operations speed creation of symbols and footprints providing unparalleled accuracy of component creation based on manufacturer data.  http://www.ultralibrarian.com/products/desktop

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