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Cut & strip machines boost precision, efficiency

September 15, 2020  Stephen Law

SCHLEUNIGER PowerStrip 9580 and MegaStrip 9680 automatic cut & strip machines deliver high degree of production flexibility, high-precision processing and improved production output. Built with a state-of-the-art safety concept, both machines are available in various basic configurations and are based on a modular machine design that is retrofittable at any time. Units handle stranded wires, shielded cables and multiconductor cables with cross sections up to 70mmÇ that can be processed with the PowerStrip 9580 and up to 120 mmÇ with the MegaStrip9680 − with the optional Boost function, even 240 to 300 mmÇ. Powerful servomotors ensure high feed rates and pull-off forces. All motors are equipped with encoder monitoring, meaning that the software immediately detects if the axes are blocked or their position is lost. 

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