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Customized security solution serves blockchain applications

Stephen Law   

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INFINEON TECHNOLOGIES Secora Blockchain customized security solution for blockchain applications improves brand and consumer protection. Solution is integrated into the branded product and connects to the blockchain via NFC technology – thus linking the real with the digital world. By storing information in the blockchain, OEM can document the authenticity of the product, feature a limited edition or demonstrate the sustainability of the production like e.g. its compliance with environmental standards. Consumers in turn can access the information stored in the Blockchain via a mobile device and an app. Product can be used for a wide range of products, from fashion and footwear to electronics or healthcare.

Product combines a tiny cryptochip with a radio antenna in a flat housing with a total thickness of max. 300µm. It can be attached barely visible behind a label or on the product itself and is hence easy to integrate. As a hardware-based solution, device has a decisive advantage over other blockchain access options: It is protected against both hardware- and software-based attacks. 

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